About ReTyred

Retyred has been set up to dispose of all EOL tyres we can get our hands on.


We will take your EOL tyres and your storage problems away. The professional team at Retyred will collect your tyres on a schedule that suits you and give you a receipt for the number and/or weight of the collected EOL tyres.


If you have larger tyres (truck, offroad equipment) then the Retyred hiab truck will be sent to remove these for you, safely and without hassle.


This is an earlybird opportunity for tyre suppliers, supporting a NZ business that supports NZ businesses. As the stewardship program comes into play the anticipated costs of tyre collection/disposal will rise significantly.


Here at Retyred we will keep the fee as it is from the start.





The problem

7.5 million tyres (approx) are replaced in New Zealand annually. These include tyres for motorbike, passenger, light and medium commercials, truck, bus, off road, and aircraft.


30% of these are accounted for whilst the other 5.2 million tyres just keep “disappearing” into illegal dump sites, waterways, hidden in berms and are just generally discarded.


The new rules in a nutshell

  • New tax on imported tyres to be levied

  • Tax will be used to pay for the collection and disposal of EOL tyres.

  • New change to the RMA which limits the number of tyres that can be stored on any one title to 200-250. This is to enable farmers to use tyres for their silage pile covers.

  • Giving away ‘free’ tyres will no longer be an option.


The goverment has established the tyre stewardship programme as one of their priorities.

The Ministry for Environment have prioritised the regulation of six waste streams – tyres,  synthetic greenhouse gases, agricultural chemicals, farm plastics, e-waste and packaging.

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